Vogel's Textbook

Experience of teaching qualitative analysis over a number of years to large numbers of students has provided the nucleus around which this book has been written. The ultimate object was to provide a text-book at moderate cost which can be employed by the student continuously throughout his study of the subject. It is the author’s opinion that the theoretical basis of qualitative analysis, often neglected or very sparsely dealt with in the smaller texts, merits equally detailed treatment with the purely practical side; only in this way can the true spirit of qualitative analysis be acquired. The book accordingly opens with a long Chapter entitled ‘The Theoretical Basis of Qualitative Analysis’, in which most of the theoretical principies which find application in the science are discussed. The writer would be glad to hear from teachers and others of any errors which may have escaped his notice: any suggestions whereby the book can be improved will be welcomed. A. I. Vogel Woolwich Polytechnic London SE. 18

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