Raman Spectroscopy

Owing to its unique combination of high information content and ease of use, Raman spectroscopy, which uses different vibrational energy levels to excite molecules (as opposed to light spectra), has attracted much attention over the past fifteen years. This book covers all aspects of modern Raman spectroscopy, including its growing use in both the laboratory and industrial analysis.

Table of Contents
Introduction and Scope.
Magnitude of Raman Scattering.
Collection and Detection of Raman Scattering.
Signal-to-Noise in Raman Spectroscopy.
Instrumentation Overview and Spectrometer Performance.
Sampling Modes in Raman Spectroscopy.
Lasers for Raman Spectroscopy.
Dispersive Raman Spectrometers.
Nondispersive Raman Spectrometers.
Calibration and Validation.
Raman Microscopy and Imaging.
Fiber-Optic Raman Sampling.
Raman Spectroscopy of Surfaces.

"...the present volume is appropriate for a wide audience of analytical chemists, both Raman experts, and non-experts." (Trends in Analytical Chemistry, Vol. 20, No. 5, 2001)
"This book is intended to introduce graduate students...chemists, and Raman spectroscopists to the technical elements and practical benefits of the technique..." (SciTech Book News, March 2001)Download Sekarang

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