Advanced Structural Inorganic Chemistry

E. N. Baker, New Zealand
J. Bernstein, Israel
G. R. Desiraju, India
A. M. Glazer, UK
J. R. Helliwell, UK
P. Paufler, Germany
H. Schenk (Chairman), The Netherlands
IUCr Monographs on Crystallography
1 Accurate molecular structures
A. Domenicano and I. Hargittai, editors
2 P. P. Ewald and his dynamical theory of X-ray diffraction
D.W. J. Cruickshank, H. J. Juretschke, and J. Kato, editors
3 Electron diffraction techniques, Volume 1
J. M. Cowley, editor
4 Electron diffraction techniques Volume 2
J. M. Cowley, editor
5 The Rietveld method
R. A. Young, editor
6 Introduction to crystallographic statistics
U. Shmueli and G. H.Weiss
7 Crystallographic instrumentation
L. A. Aslanov, G. V. Fetisov, and G. A. K. Howard
8 Direct phasing in crystallography
C. Giacovazzo
9 The weak hydrogen bond
G. R. Desiraju and T. Steiner
10 Defect and microstructure analysis by diffraction
R. L. Snyder, J. Fiala, and H. J. Bunge
11 Dynamical theory of X-ray diffraction
A. Authier
12 The chemical bond in inorganic chemistry
I. D. Brown
13 Structure determination from powder diffraction data
W. I. F David, K. Shankland, L. B. McCusker,
and Ch. Baerlocher, editors
14 Polymorphism in molecular crystals
J. Bernstein
15 Crystallography of modular materials
G. Ferraris, E. Makovicky, and S. Merlino
16 Diffuse x-ray scattering and models of disorder
T. R.Welberry
17 Crystallography of the polymethylene chain: an inquiry into the
structure of waxes
D. L. Dorset
18 Crystalline molecular complexes and compounds: structure and
F. H. Herbstein
19 Molecular aggregation: structure analysis and molecular simulation
of crystals and liquids
A. Gavezzotti
20 Aperiodic crystals: from modulated phases to quasicrystals
T. Janssen, G. Chapuis, and M. de Boissieu
21 Incommensurate crystallography
S. van Smaalen
IUCr Texts on Crystallography
1 The solid state
A. Guinier and R. Julien
4 X-ray charge densities and chemical bonding
P. Coppens
5 The basics of crystallography and diffraction, second edition
C. Hammond
6 Crystal structure analysis: principles and practice
W. Clegg, editor
7 Fundamental of crystallography, second edition
C. Giacovazza, editor
8 Crystal structure refinement: a crystallographer’s guide to SHELXL
P. Müller, editor
9 Theories and techniques of crystal structure determination
U. Shmueli
10 Advanced structural inorganic chemistry
W.-K. Li, G.-D. Zhou, and T.C.W. Mak

Advanced Structural
Inorganic Chemistry
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Peking University
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

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