The superior man (be the best)

One aspect to building a good self-image is that a person has a healthy mind or mind, built through good education, both formal (public, academic) and informal, ie the environment and family. Unhealthy thoughts do not make a person able to understand his personality and the essence of himself as a creature of God Almighty. Therefore, to understand God, one must struggle to know God by having the maximum intelligence possible. Only those who love God with all the mind can understand His truths.

To explore the truth about God Almighty requires the tools, among others: well-honed logic, the ability to understand the language, more fully if able to understand the original language of their respective scriptures. Logic, ie the ability to think or understanding of reasoning based on deductive or inductive logic, is very effective to grasp the truth of God Almighty. It is more complete if one is equipped with a systematic thinking that helps one find the conclusions of the scriptural truth inductively and its empirical facts.

A person who uses logic well is avoided from manipulations in his emotions that can create counterfeits. This is the reality of many religious activities. In this case a good education is required that familiarizes a person with good reason to interpret the scriptures. Of course in this sense reason is not everything, but a very important part. The fact is that in this life, a country or a nation that does not use its logic or ration well, besides being poor as not being a developed country, but also a conflicting country, moral crime in the political arena, discrimination, injustice and other moral depravity. It is deeply influenced or influenced by the philosophy of his life, and his philosophy of life is largely determined by his belief or religion. The state of a society can be a benchmark of the truth of its belief.

In the field we often encounter people whose quality of life in general is low, but they teach and guide others whose qualities can generally be better. Here comes the process of duping. Why does this happen? For many people think that the general good that it has in this life where it is not related to religious activity is regarded as not qualified. Though good in general is also part of the process of perfecting to become a superior man according to God. If in general a person is not good or not qualified, then someone will not achieve excellence in the presence of God, which has an ideal self-image according to the will and design of God the Creator.

The destruction of the religious life of today is due to the fact that the people are mentored by people who do not yet have enough good in general. They are the ones who fail in the "market place", then run away in religious service to have the conveniences of life. Usually these people become "dukun-dukun in religious activities". They do not teach the truth to the people, but "sell service". This is similar to the practice of shamanism in society. Many well-educated people with good qualities come to the shamans whose junior high school education does not graduate. The advantages of the shamans are considered to have supernatural powers and have a proximity to the "source of power" that can provide solutions for the community.

The superior man is the one who develops all the potential that is in him. Where in life in the middle of society also has advantages, so that can be devoted to the nation and state and the wider community. That is the essence of human life as a creature. Worship to Almighty God is the whole activity of this life. That is why we should not distinguish between religious activities with daily activities, such as work in the office, recreation with family, sports, eating, drinking and so forth

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