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Self-esteem means awareness of how much value is given to yourself. The value of a person’s dignity can be determined by a variety of sizes, according to one’s philosophy of life. Some are assessing themselves with material or wealth. Some are assessing themselves with education. Some are assessing themselves with the rank. Some are assessing themselves with the “ego” (I’m me, I’m honored, I must be rewarded, I have to be respected). People like this will easily get hurt if underestimated by anyone. They usually demand for respects of other people. Just like merchandise having been marked by its prices.
The above mentioned people require other people to pay the price that has been determined. He becomes not free. He is very susceptible to stimulus. Self-esteem is related to feeling because when the value given to the person himself is not as expected then he will feel offended or hurt because he feels humiliated. Self-esteem is what makes someone requires people to treat him in such a manner in accordance with his wishes. He cannot become a thermostat (a device that regulates the temperature), on the contrary he’ll become a thermometer (a tool regulated by the temperature surrounding it).
This is the reality of many people’s life, they put up the rate of self-esteem in a family environment, socializing and religious services. In principle, this attitude is a “vanity”. Because they do not want to be undervalued, then they behave rejecting or opposing a “frontal” when they are treated not as anticipated. It is understandable that people like this have many enemies. He could easily be hurt and so easily be hurting others as well. Actually, they are similar to a mentally-ill person, but since many people behave like that, it is considered acceptable.

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