1. His family keeps asking him _____ smoking.
give up
giving up
to give up
to giving up

2. I plan _____ swimming twice a week from now on.
on do
to go

3. We have an exam next week. It is very necessary _____.
study hard
to study hard
hard study
to hard study

4. They opened the door at noon. Some people were already _____.
in line to wait
in line waiting
line in waiting
waiting in line

5. The theater performance _____.
was success
was a success

6.  I had _____ finding my way around New York when I first arrived.
quite time
a quite time
a time quite
quite a time

7. Guess who I _____ yesterday. I saw my old landlord at the bank.
into run
into ran
ran into
run into

8. The next bus will arrive _____.
three o'clock
at three o'clock
on three o'clock
in three o'clock

9. He was _____ have a doctor's appointment today.
supposed to
supposing to

10. "Why are you rushing?"
"I have _____ with my doctor."
an appointment
a pledge
a promise
a contract

11. "Let's _____ a new movie tomorrow."
"Yes, let's."
take in
take into
take to

12. I will stay in the Golden Hotel in New York. Why don't you guys _____?
visit in
drop in
call in

13. We will serve our guests soon. We had better ____ now.
have table set
set table
setting table
set the table

14. He hurt his leg  _____ in order to miss the exam."
at purpose
for purpose
in purpose
on purpose

15. How is he _____ these days? I hope he is doing well.
get along
get to along
getting along
to getting along

16. Are you going to _____ with your cousin while in town?
get in touch
getting in touch
to getting in touch
have touch

17. We are going to _____ the Town Games for fun.
part take in
take part in
take part with
taking in part

18. Since the rainstorm came _____, it did a lot of damage in the area.
in hurry

19. I'll be home late. Please don't _____ me.
wait up on
wait up for
waiting up for
be wait up for

20. Who will _____ your dog while you are away"
look after
be look after
to look after
for looking after

21. The new teacher loves poems and makes us _____.
learn them heartily
heartily learn them
learn them by heart
learning by heart them

22. _____ I like to do something completely spontaneous.
every so often
every often so
very so often
very often so

23. Please _____ soon.
your mind make up
up and make your mind
make up your mind
make upon your mind

24. Taking photos here is _____.
out of question
out of the question
out for the question
25. My assistant John will be _____ in my absence.
on charge
in charge
for charge


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